Saturday, 18 June 2011

Exposing the Expose group - Yeah those pathetic little worms

We all know how the retards of the Expose group work, don't we? 

By attacking people - not ideas.
By harassing people - not organizations
By character assassination and so on...

These low lives have plenty of time in their hands to attack people because most of them - if not all - are unemployed or selling drugs, as Darcy Jones condones the practice.

But let us start our saga in exposing these fucktards, shall we?

DI JONES - anti-Semitic cunt. Making friends with the ZHC the Pakistani/Saudi group of pre-pubescent and teenage hackers and wishing them to hack the EDL Jewish Division, because they cannot handle the truth.  

 More evidence that the Expose group is in bed with the Nazi ZHC hackers. Here is Hazel Zebulon thanking ZHC for hacking yet another EDL page. 

Expose prostitute, Thelma Fontaine - Admin in an EDL group that was hacked by ZHC. 

Expose and ZHC together in the same hacked ex EDL group. More proof the anti-Semitic Nazi cunts of the Expose are working together with the anti-Semitic Nazi cunts of the ZHC. A match made in Jaanat. 

Oh look! It's Andrew Preview in bed with ZHC as well. Anti-racist my ass. Their group is a front for anti-Semitism. Filthy commie cunts. 

The EXPOSE FUCKWITS doing what they do best. Actually, doing the only thing they know.
Darcy Jones:  "Ban the fuckwits - They are documented fucking animals."

Darcy filthycuntrag Jones is here claiming that all the 90,000 EDL and their supporters are fuckwits and documented fucking animals.  Nice way to go Fuckwit Jones!! You have dug a whole deeper than your crusty anus, bitch!   RACIST CUNT at that! The bitch is deluded and self-hating. 

There will be more coming. Watch this space! 

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  1. Roberta, your rantings here carry about as much credibility as David Icke's conspiracy theories.

    Have a lay down and wonder why you hang out with the racist far-right EDL.


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