Tuesday, 18 October 2011

EDL Support Group and Unplugged Debate (Renovate Animos) - The same admin

The EDL Support Group is officially an anti-Semitic / Nazi group. The people who run this group, ie. Hel Gower, Alex Singer (Sarah Hully) and other degenerates are leftists who are in cahoots with the crowd from EXPOSE (The enemies of the EDL) and ZHC (Hackers and enemies of the EDL).
Some time ago we have exposed these people are extremely rabid anti-Semites and we have provided evidence. Here is more.  The Unplugged Debate group was created with the purpose of once again attacking the JEWISH DIVISION and ROBERTA MOORE.

Here is the evidence. This is mainly what they post. They go around the Jewish Division selecting topics that are posted there so that they can demonise Roberta and attack the Jews.
Please pay attention to the people posting in this page. They are ALL EXPOSE and MUSLIMS. There is no EDL posting there at all. In fact all posts are attacking the EDL.

This is proof of Hel Gower and her Angel's treason against the EDL. I would advise the EDL leadership to kick this whale out and remove all those who are associated with her.

So many lies and so little time.....


  1. Obviously the blog writer knows very little and didn't research their allegations very well, why are we surprised about that!!!

    Are you saying that this person's education is non Jewish as well


    You will sink to any lengths to tarnish people's names

  2. Jewbacca, what a lovely anti-Semitic name you have.
    Jonathan Sacks is a leftist reformist and pro-Islam. So no, he did not have a proper Jewish education.

  3. Its always the others with you lot is it not? Batty just admit you talk complete and utter nonsense most of the time and you have a low esteem issue which is why you have to attack every one else and obviously the people you keep around you have the same problem

  4. Bacca I know you are Sarah Hully. This is not Roberta's blog and contrary to what you and your ilk may say, she told me off for posting these things here. But the truth has to be exposed and you lot need to stop lying. You should ask Marc Kranat's Turkish wife if she is also a frum orthodox Jew (Which she obviously isn't). From what I have seen no one in his family is, and Marc doesn't wear a kippa nor a tallit, which all Orthodox Jews must wear. Your lies will not go far.

  5. Not Roberta got to be one of the other fruit loops then Cassandra/Juniper or Robert

    Clutching at straws so desperately and revealing personal details must be a breach of the T & C's of this blog. Everyone knows this blog is a joke and full of lies and doctored screenshots

  6. Bacca I am not Cassandra or Juniper or Robert, in fact I am one of you and this is what makes it even more fun.
    Nothing in this blog is doctored least of all the screenshots and you know this full well, so there is no point in lying. We don't waste our time doctoring things as we have no need to do so. You lot provide us with all the material that we need and there isn't a single one of you that can claim we have doctored anything.

    This is what Hel Gower and the likes of you do. Now you got to do better than that. No one has revealed any personal details that are not already available online. Check it out for yourself. We don't play dirty, we simply expose your dirty work.


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