Thursday, 2 June 2011

Exposing Hel Gower, Mel Peterborough Angel, Donna Mortimer and other scum

Let us all see how Nazi Hel Gower has hijacked the EDL admin, and is spreading her poison wherever she goes, taking down with her other bitches on heat.
Even those who know her well know she has links with NF, Combat 18, and BNP.

Hel Gower (middle) and Mel Peterborough Angel on the right. With grandmas like these there is no such thing as "looking up to your elders" anymore. What a sad old hag she is!
See below for more vile pics of this old saggy individual.

Helen Gower

Helen Gower

Hel Gower defending the BNP, something the EDL is totally against.

Hel Gower cosying up with the anti-Semites of Exposing, like a pathetic lump of shit. "it's naughty Darcy, oh yeah it is"! ye sperm whale.

here Hel ye bitch Darcy is right you know nuffin luv

More shit stirring from hel whore

More support for the BNP, innit? 

Defaming people

Hel instigating fights amongst members of the EDL - The Lyn Saddingtongate and her once again, in cahoots with the expose group. Hel has been told to stop talking to the expose group by several members of the EDL, and yet chooses to ignore it and continues to "hava a laff" with the wannabe EDL enemies.  Tommy dude,  kick her fat ass out! She's a fuckin pr disaster.

Andy Cox - Paedophile - Shit stirring again

Hel Gower private message to Lyn Saddington - See how Hel is a bullying cunt who lives to cause aggro and intimidates those she does not like. For the record, it was Mark who attacked Lyn first, and Lyn asked Hel to intervene. The slut instead decided to attack Lyn as Mark is one of her buddies, innit Hel whore?  She is telling Lyn to apologise when she knows very well it was Mark Robinson who started the fight as we will see from the below messages

More here:

Shit stirring Hel got her bitches to help her out and plot an attack against another EDL member. 

Disrespecful whale Hel Gower attacking 13 year old Lyn's child. 

If people didn't know where this lame piece of turd inside a condom works, they do now. 

Andrew Preview -  trying to suck up to Hel in her facebook support page by attacking the Jewish Division of the EDL. 

Above we see how Hel Gower is becoming very friendly with Andrew Preview from Expose group, and saying "fuck them" (about the Jewish Division). This trollop is a pathetic excuse for a woman. Racist and anti-Semitic to her very rotten core.

Here is Andrew trying to stir shit for the Jewish Division accusing them of posting Hel Gower's photo, when it was a Muslim connected to the hackers ZHC who did so. This cunt only speaks lies, but then again so does Hel whore. 

Mark Robinson attacking and threatening Lyn. Whata cunt! 

Mozzie scum defending terrorism on Expose - Enemies of the EDL but friends of Hel Gower. 

If anyone had any doubt Hel was a Nazi, they don't now. Here is a group the old 65 year old hag did against having Zionists in the EDL, but the cunt forgets her bosses Tommy and Kevin are also Zionists. Ye fucked up big time innit Hel? 

Proof Hel lied. She said she didnt create the above group, which she obviously did. And she is in bed with expose. They may catch syphilis from this cunt.

The secret group they are talking about is the one above ZIONISTS NOT WELCOME IN THE EDL. 

EXPOSING THE EXPOSE - Hel Gower's friends

Andy Cox - Paedophile

Cid Vicioso - posting on MDL page in favour of attacks against Israel. Good company you keep innit Hel cunt?

Darcy Jones - Nazi cunt - no wonder Hel Gower and Darcy Jones get on like a house on fire. Wonder what will tommy say to this

Ed Woods - Expose - Attacking a Pakistani Christian - Racist unemployed cunt - Hel Gower's buddy.

Donna Mortimer's lies

This one was posted on the Jewish Division blog but they have removed it now. 
Funny to see that the supposed statements Donna claims to have been made by the EDL leaders were also removed. It means they were not approved by the leadership, understand Donna, you fucking twat? Stop lying you bitch. You have no credibility in the EDL at all. 

A patriot complains about Hel Gower and Donna Mortimer planning an attack on another female from the EDL (in this case Lyn Saddington). You're right Dave. These old bitches are a shameful liability to the EDL.

Hel Gower is a busted walrus 


Mel Peterborough having a rant with Hel Gower about Roberta

Hel Gower, owner of the support group page, attacking Roberta yet again 

Now this one is quite a gem. Hel Gower created a fake profile of Tommy Robinson in order to attack Roberta. Here she is requesting people to get complaints against Roberta and email them to the EDL admin email which is not read by Tommy, but by loads of useless cunts.

More to come.


  1. Not good Roberta you have made yourself look a real prat, everyone laughing at Roberta again.

  2. Get more interesting all the time. Shows what an insignificant person Hel is and EDL leadership need to ditch her and the other EDL Gargoyles causing all the grief as soon as possible. One thing about Roberta, at least she is honest about her activities and has the support of many out there.

  3. Your having a giraffe aren't you Roberta respected she is the laughing stock. Maybe I should go then I wouldn't be hampered and could ?????????????

  4. Hel is the one having a laugh odviously here! Thinking she can go round doing and accusing people of what she pleases!

  5. This Hel Gower needs to be ashamed of herself. I see she has even commented here and is taking the stance that people wont be happy with the person posting. Hel Gower does also not say what action has been taken against the people offering violence and if the girl has been reinstated and apologised to. With people like this in the movement no wonder they do not get more than a couple of thousand at demo's. She should be made to resign and go her own way leaving good people alone taking the rabble she allowed to make these threat's with her. As for what she clearly wrote to a 13 year old did she apologise to her? Doubt it she has her head shoved in the clouds and needs to get real.

  6. Roberta/Cassandra/Juniper or whatever alias you are using today in your little delusional world go get some treatment

  7. Excuse me Hel My name is Susan Prisent and I am a real person. If you did not have your head so far up your own backside then you would see what I said was fact. I do not class myself as a member of the EDL and have not been to a demonstration as there are usually trouble at these events. I also do not drink and find the company of drinkers off putting BUT this does not stop me feeling you have a cause to stand up and fight against and follow what is being said. Are you willing to state what action has been taken against these people or are you here to defend your failings in dealing with situations? The latter I fear. Should you not be fighting the cause and not defending your own failings? That may bring you some credibility rather than defending what seems to be attacks on members.

  8. Jeez will people not give up in fighting and trying to ban people? At the end of the day who cares who is not getting on with who? We are suppose to be on the same side yeah? Hel sorry seen your comment here and they might be out of anger but seriousley? why not just stop banning people that are willing to turn up? Tommy did the same at Blackburn and that i saw for myself. Have argument behind closed doors and be adults? Dont post all over the net we are arguing and since when have adults hit adults? Grow up for suck sake.

  9. This blog is not Roberta's its mine. I created it to expose EDL racists, Nazis and those who spend their time harassing their own members instead of working for the patriotic cause. I spent many hours collecting this information, and some were sent to me by other members of the EDL who are pissed off with this shit Hel Gower and others are causing. I admire Roberta and I know she works really hard for the EDL, putting the EDL before even her family at times. I won't let some useless whores to fuck up our cause. Hel Gower you are fucking busted you Nazi bitch! If you continue to attack others in public, I will keep exposing you because your friends are not really your friends, they send me every shit you post.

    And that goes for others too. I have a few more people to add here.


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