Monday, 20 June 2011

Hel Gower losing her plot and attacking patriots

Greg Mitchell tried to warn Tommy about Hel Cow's attitude. 

Hel Gower friends with UVF Terrorist Billy Carson

New EDL "VIP" group created by Donna Mortimer, Hel Gower and Mel Peterborough Angel. This group was created only to attack Roberta from the EDL Jewish Division. What a bunch of sad jealous bitches on heat! 

Members question WTF this is about only to be told lies about a patriot and encouraged to attack her.
Fucking sickening!  The "Pagan cunt" Donna refers to, I believe is Roberta.

The same group is using a comment made by the Jewish Division, but they are lying on their comments below the photo. I cannot see anywhere in this comment Roberta justifying any killings, did not mention anything about any King David hotel and is not blaming the British Army for Jewish deaths by Hitler. I don't know where Donna is seeing all these things, but I cannot find the words she mentioned from Roberta, anywhere on this Jewish Division comment. This is how the shit stirring rumours start. 

Aww the dears! They are so lady-like! 

Now we prove again that Hel Gower continues to masturbate over Roberta. So far most of what I have seen of this old lard octopus is her obsession and fixation with Roberta, Roberta and more Roberta. 

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