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The Nazis of the EDL exposed again - Donna Mortimer, Hel Gower, Alex Singer (Sarah Hully) and others

We expect the reader to make his/her own mind up about these Nazi elements within the EDL. While the leadership claims there are no Nazis inside, Roberta Moore from the Jewish Division had already brought this issue up over 1 year ago only to fall on deaf ears. 
The EDL cannot claim they do not have Nazis inside anymore. Here we have a collection of evidence of these Nazis being in fact part of the admin and leadership of the EDL. While we acknowledge that Nazi Hel is not part of any leadership she is still, as far as we know, Tommy's skivvy. While Tommy Robinson maintains such people near him the EDL will forever be stained as a Nazi group.  
These were the things that prompted the resignation of Roberta Moore from the leadership of the Jewish Division.  The lack of leadership from the "leaders" and their reluctance in actually abiding by their promise to remove the Nazis out of the group when they are identified has caused many members of the EDL to leave. 

Oh dear! Donna Mortimer, the Nazi friend of Hel Gower, bitches about Tommy. Of course he wants these gargoyles removed from the EDL. 
Alex Singer (real name Sarah Hully) also a Nazi who claims to be an "Army wife" (We won't involve her husband on this) is also a friend of the ZHC group of hackers. The same hackers who took the previous EDL pages down and other pages related to Israel, Jews, Zionists and anything that insults Islam. 

Wolfie England Smith is also a rabid anti-Semite from NWI and still considers himself EDL. 

Read on. 

Donna Mortimer - supposed EDL "Angel" (more like a gargoyle) praising Sniper from ZHC for hacking the page of a Jewish member of the JDiv. 

Nazi Hel disrespecting Kevin Carroll, the co-leader of the EDL, and saying she is in "it" for Tommy, so it has nothing to do with fighting Islamisation. This star struck gargoyle idolises Tommy but at the same time she works to destroy the EDL from within. 

Hel Gower also claimed Tommy Robinson "picked" a man named James Cohen from amongst "several" Jews to lead the new Jewish Division. This is a lie. There are no English Jews who wish to head the EDL Jewish Division and the reason James Cohen accepted is because he is also part of the Gates of Vienna crowd. The same people who want to control the EDL and transform it into a Political party. 

Here is Hel Gower from the defunct EDL Support Group propagating the fake Jewish Division to fool Jews into joining a division which has no Jews and has a fake leader who is not prepared to show his face or give his real name. Also she goes one step further to defame the administrators and leader of the real Jewish Division by calling them terrorists and pagans.

Fresh evidence of Hel Gower praising the ZHC hacker group for hacking a group called: We support Israel in the war against Terrorism. She thought the page belonged to Roberta Moore, her Nemesis, but in fact it belonged to another person. This proves that Hel Gower is not only an anti-Semitic Nazi scum but also that she does not care how her actions are extremely harmful to the EDL, as long as she attacks Roberta Moore, the Jewish leader of the real Jewish Division.

Nazi Hel tells a Jewish member of the Jdiv: F**k off Jew boy and lies about Roberta supporting Anders Breivik. Such nasty piece of work! 

Conversation between Joel (Jewish member of the JDiv and Nazi Hel) where she claims she has some sort of "power". Laughable! 

Here we can have an idea of what the ZHC stands for. Pure harassment. In this page they hacked they have posted a photo of Roberta and Alan Lake, and asked people to send Roberta an Eid card. They also posted her alleged address on the page, thus compromising her security and safety. 
These are the people that Hel Gower, Donna Mortimer, Mel Peterborough Angel and Alex Singer (Sarah Hully) support now. They have betrayed the EDL by being in cahoots with these people and asking them to hack pages of EDL members. 

One of the Muslims also speaks of sending Anthrax to her by letter. What a nice bunch of people they are.

Hel Gower denying the EDL is a Zionist group. The dumb bitch obviously lacks intellect as she cannot even grasp what Zionism is.

This is Alex Singer - Aka Sarah Hully

Hel Gower once again in cahoots with the communists of the expose group. Here she is attacking Roberta and Robert. This sick individual's jealousy of Roberta has clouded her already poor judgement. 

Chris Northeast - Another Nazi scum who now belongs to a group called NEI (Northeast Infidels) who are ridden with Nazi scum like him. Alex Singer - Aka Sarah Hully posts encouraging messages to him.

Hel Gower in her prime 

Hel Gower and admin of the Support Group cosying up with ZHC and claiming they love Jews but only attack the EDL because they reckon the EDL is a Zionist group (Which it is anyway). So here we have perfect evidence of Hel Gower and Alex Singer being the Nazis that they are by stating the EDL does not support Zionism, which is the right of Jews to live in their ancient homeland. 

Hel Gower's page 

More Nazis in the EDL - Luke Pippen is a Nazi. He likes a page of Dr. Mengele a Nazi German doctor who carried out experiments on Jewish people by mutilating their body parts and attempting to attach them to another person. 

Liking his comments are the below EDL members. 

Here we have Arthur, another UKFD member who has spent his miserable hours attacking Roberta Moore from the Jewish Division. His list of friends say it all. Look, even the fake Jewish Division leader has this Nazi as his friend.

Now we get to the fake Jewish Division leader - James Cohen's friends' list. No surprises there.

This is Canadian James Cohen - the fake leader of the fake Jewish Division of the EDL. 

More Nazis from the EDL/UKFD (UK Fanny Division) 

Aurelius makes a suggestion only to be faced with lies from UK Fanny Division Quiet Man. 

Arthur, the Nazi scum (who is in James Cohen's list of friends) once again attempts to lie about Roberta Moore and Robert Bartholomeus. 

Proof Alex Singer (Sarah Hully, the "Army wife") is in cahoots with the hackers of the ZHC, and is an anti-Semite Nazi vermin too.

Here Donna Mortimer and Alex Singer (Sarah Hully) are quite happy discussing the evil Jews and gloating about hacking the page of a member of the Jewish Division.
Proof of Nazis inside of the EDL admin. 

John Smith is a member of the "Exposing Racism and Intolerance online" group. Here he is EXPOSING his anti-Semitism to all.  Jew bitches, heh? 
Thanks for that Johnny boy. Nazi vermin cannot keep their gobs shut for too long; they always end up making asses of themselves. 

This is from a group called: We support Israel in the war against terrorism. 
Now, Hel Gower, Alex Singer (Sarah Hully), Donna Mortimer, and Gail Angel have been secretly working with the ZHC hackers and asked them to hack this group which belonged to Kaleb (A Jewish Division member). 

Soon after the group was hacked, the ZHC hackers invited their muslim friends and other commies from "Exposing hate and intolerance" (What an irony) to join them, and demonise Israel and Zionists (Jews).
These dumbasses know very well that Jews = Zionists but they insist in denying this fact. This proves their anti-Semitism for all to see. 

Hel Gower and her cronies hate Jews and are proper Nazis. Tommy Robinson leader of the EDL is a moron for turning a blind eye to such blatant anti-Semitism, and allowing these old hags to destroy everything the EDL stands for. I am sure there are thousands of patriots out there fuming with anger. 

The EDL used to have nearly 100,000 likes on their page last year, and that was because Roberta Moore brought some credence to the organization by organising a beautiful pro-Israel demonstration outside the Israeli embassy on 24th October 2010.  But after Hel Gower and her "Angels" decided to expose their Nazi beliefs and Roberta resigned, the EDL lost thousands upon thousands of supporters. 

Today their new page (The old one was hacked by the ZHC) does not even have 18,000 people. 

Here we see Hel Gower's new friends preaching VIOLENCE towards Roberta Moore and Tommy Robinson. Once again we remind the reader: Zionists = Jews. The fact they use a different word is a simple tactic to save their filthy asses from criticism and from being branded anti-Semitic, which they obviously are. 

More proof of EDL being linked to BNP. Their Liverpool division supporting a Nationalist demo.
Hitler was a Nationalist too. National Socialist. This is what the EDL is becoming now. 

We return to exposing Donna kebab and her new ZHC Islamo-Nazi friends. 

Hel Gower reckons Roberta cannot prove she is a Nazi. I guess the fat lump of turd forgot to read this blog. We have already proven you to be a filthy Nazi whore, Helen Sheila Gower. Why should Roberta get her hands dirty? 

This whole blog proves Hel Gower is not only a Nazi anti-Semitic rabid filthy lump of turd, but it also proves that she is a traitor to all the good patriots out there, and that she has betrayed them all by being in cahoots with the enemy: The Expose group and the Islamo Nazis of the ZHC. 

Here the muzzrats ZHC confess to hacking the EDL group supporting Israel.  And Alex Singer LIKES it. Nazi whore that she is. 

Here is what the group discusses now. Anyone can now see that the bitches who call themselves EDL ANGELS are nothing but a bunch of sad Nazi old women who are jealous of Roberta Moore and of the success of the Jewish Division. So they had to destroy it at all costs, even if this means bringing the EDL down.

Awww so cosy for Alex Singer aka Sarah Hully, Army wife, in cahoots with ZHC Hackers! 


  1. wasting far too much energy on Heil Gower and her gargoyles. She a fat cunt that will be walking through Dover one day and find out how hated she is when she gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. She cant go around creating so m,any enemies through her Nazi venom without someone striking at her when she leasts expects it. List of suspects will be too many to try determine who eventually resolves the issues she has!

  2. This is hilarious Roberta, thanks we are nicking this for EDL News so our readers can have a good old laugh at you.

    Donna and hel must be pissing themselves laughing at you

    kind regards

    Gary Fieness Hasting

    Garty Fieness Hastring


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