Saturday, 8 October 2011

UKFD exposed - Some EDLers too

We have decided to expose the group that calls itself UKFD. 
UKFD is a spliter group that was formed after the EDL kicked them out from their forums due to their rabid Nazi and anti-Semitic comments. These people still claim to be EDL but they have been scorned by the EDL several times. The last time was during the 9/11 demonstration in London this year (2011).

Here is a thread called: "Roberta Moore why is she speaking for us." It was prominent on the UKFD group.
Robert Bartholomeus - Admin from the Jewish Division exposes their bullshit in style while none of them were able to refute his points.

Please pay special attention to this so-called EDL Support Group. 95% of the people posting there are EXPOSE COMMUNISTS such as: Hazel Zebulun, Darcy Jones, Tony Dunn, Levi Stubbs, Jim Hellwig, Janie J Jones, Monica Ali, Vicky Clementine, William Anderson, etc.

Here is Tranny Trinny threatening Robert. Funny thing is when he came face to face with Robert, the chicken ran like the coward that he truly is. Foul mouthy scum indeed. He exposed not only his cowardice but also his low upbringing.

Nazi Hel and Nazi Halifax EDL also threatening Robert. Both cowards. Robert was at Tower Hamlets with the Jewish Division and none of these cowards dared make a move. It was hilarious.
Interesting to see an old hag who can barely walk due to her weight, making silly comments about a young man double of her stature. This old hag claims to be the "PA" of the "EDL Leadershit".

Here is the elusive twat Trinovante in a green t-shirt

Now then. Everyone can see who are the Nazis here.
Robert Bartholomeus has exposed all these imbeciles as the anti-Semitic scum that they are. He has also exposed Hel Gower and her friends who are in cahoots with Expose and ZHC, as well as Muslims from the MDL.  If Tommy Robinson does nothing after seeing all this evidence he is more of a pussy than we gave him credit for.  We need a strong leader. It's time Tommy took charge and got rid of these animals who are damaging the EDL movement.

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