Wednesday, 12 October 2011

UKFD / EDL forum - Anti-Semitism

Here we will expose the truth of what happened to the EDL Jewish Division created by Roberta Moore.
We have a collection of screenprints we have done from the EDL and UKFD forums where the Nazi sentiments come to the surface and they start attacking Roberta Moore, Pamela Geller and also Robert Bartholomeus.

Members of that forum had left, and the EDL original forum was closed down due to the blatant anti-Semitism observed. A new forum was opened and the Nazis of the old forum got pissed off and opened their own forum which is called UKFD.

This is Golem, a Russian Jew - He was part of the EDL Jewish Division led by Roberta Moore. He soon realises that the attacks on Roberta are just the tip of the iceberg, as they come from a very dark and sinister place. Golem questions and attacks their anti-Semitic comments only to be attacked in return.

Race class war and anti-Semitic dickhead instigator Villa Loyal (William Hodson) shows his filthy true colours by spouting his anti-Semitic comments and then saying: "Anti-Semitic, me?" 

The UKFD fannies do not even address Golem's points they call him "fascist" and Squarepeg claims Roberta Moore was "on the verge of being expelled", but what the retard does not grasp is that Roberta Moore was not and never would be expelled, she resigned out of disgust for such members. She saw for herself (thanks to these screenprints) that the whole UKFD forum and parts of the EDL forum were ridden with anti-Semites and Nazis, as we can clearly see in this topic.

After Golem pointed out Villa Loyal's anti-Semitic comments, the stupid twat tries to twist facts in denial. How amusing to see filthy scum like Villa look even more stupid than they are supposed to be! 

Villa Loyal is praising Enoch Powell and claims he was not a racist but "misunderstood". 

Of course we have tons more of these screenies. We actually managed to screen print whole threads of discussions but it would only bore the reader. I am sure that the reader can see what we mean when we state categorically that the EDL and the UKFD people are harbouring Nazis inside and not much is being done to remove them.

We want to thank the many people who provided these screenies for us.

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